1. Anonymous asked: "not going to work on that Futashy-Sparkle movie" deja vu like with that Chrysalis x NMM game that sadly ended as shitiest flash in mlp fandom (sad since it was very good idea and hype was very big)

    wow, someone who actually knows that was my project.

    Yeah well I’m never giving anything to mittsies or tiara to finish again.


  2. Just letting you know I’m probably not going to work on that Futashy-Sparkle movie anymore. Its not worth my time I could use for sleeping.

    Sorry if I got anyone’s hopes up, I’m not going to advertise anything before its done anymore. And because I’m so unreliable, I’ve decided I will never be doing commissions. So don’t ask.

    And no, I’m not moping just to get attention, I’m sick of feeling nothing but sadness and apathy and I really do wish I were dead. If you don’t think I’m serious you can bite me.


  3. Happy?

    Apparently a lot of ponies want to see that lame thing so here, have a gif. I guess its more appropriate since its so short. whatever

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  4. Anonymous asked: The link to the Twi animation doesn't work, it only shows up as an audiofile.

    It’s an MP4. I guess download it and get Quicktime player or something :/


  5. Chubby Twi doing something gross

    Fetish content incoming. Don’t click on it if you don’t want to see it, geez… and no, it isn’t scat.

    Something I worked on VERY quickly in-between the Futashy-Twi anim to troll everypony. There’s hardly any animation in it at all :/

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  6. Focus Chosen

    I guess I’m going to work on a futashy-sparkle sex animation or something. I’ll work on it when I have the time, and because I make things big, it’s going to take A WHILE…

    I might add some W/S or some other fetishes if anypony wants that.


  7. You pick my focus.

    I’m starting to get the creative power back (for now), and I’m interested in working on a short 2D animation. I also thought of several ideas for one and I don’t know which to do first.

    Here are a few ideas I had:

    1. Chubby Twilight showing off on a webcam or something.

    2. Anthro Futashy playing with herself while Twilight videotapes.

    3. Anthro, aged-up a little, Pumpkin Cake taking a shower.

    Just tell me what you want to see, or maybe give me a new idea if you want. This is not a commission board, I’m just looking for suggestions, and I can’t promise I’ll actually finish anything.


  8. My proven (un)production method:

    1. Pick up tablet after 3 days of procrastination.

    2. Get basic idea for drawing.

    3. Stare at blank canvas for 1 hour.

    4. Draw a circle.

    5. Get overwhelmed by final idea.

    6. Put tablet away and sulk.

    7. Repeat after 1 week.


  9. Anonymous asked: You disappeared for two months. What happened?

    I was hiding in bed…


  10. If anyone cares, I am still alive. Just stopped caring about life is all.