1. more fetish things, featuring Fluttershy.

    At least its something :/


  2. Anonymous said: Will you draw more puking stuff in the future? I loved the last one <3

    maybe.. I dunno…


  3. Anonymous said: Hey there! I live your art, and have been fapping to it for a while now. I'd like to know though, why you had your art removed from Derpibooru. Why'd you have it removed?


    It hasn’t been removed.


  4. Anonymous said: Any more pooping pics on the way?

    Maybe, I’m not sure.

  5. I won’t finish this.


  6. So I thought about making a Patreon page.

    Yeah, right. Like that won’t end in more hate and ridicule.

    Tagged #bad ideas

  7. Anonymous said: it's been like, 2 weeks since we've heard anything from you, are you dead?

    no, unfortunately I’m not…


  8. What should I do today?

    I’m bored and cant think of what to do for tonight… I could draw or work on my pony games(involves drawing~), or just do music or crafts that none of you will care about or even see :/

    I dunno, what do you guys think?

  9. Timide coco jument - by Zed.

    I tried to make an oil painting of olde. I think I failed there. :/

    Oh well, I needed some art for my room, guess I’ll look for a frame or something.

  10. I’ve been working on games and stuff instead of art.

    I was working on this as a mugshot of an NPC, but I don’t think I’ll finish it, so I’m just gonna post what I have here because it’s something. Whatever.